The 10 Absolute WORST Guests to Have at a Wedding..

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In the spirit of wedding season, we've compiled a list of the 10 worst guests that show up invited– or univited– to your big day. Every soon-to-be bride knows what it feels like to finally confront whether or not they're calling "that" guest to their wedding. For some it's the drunk uncle, for others the ex, some might dread the image of Aunt Carol's triplets snickering as they prank guests, while others fear the alcoholic best man. Have your own nightmare-guest stories to recount, or feel like we've missed one out? Let us know in the comments section below!

1) The Girl Who Wears White

So girl knows, as a general rule of thumb, wearing white to a wedding when you’re not the bride is a big no-no. That doesn’t stop some from going ahead and doing it anyway!

2) The Bitter Ex

Maybe you’re all kinda-sorta in the same friends circle, maybe it was a sympathy invitation and you assumed it would be ignored, maybe you didn’t even invite them at all! But there they are. And they don’t hold back from making snide remarks or from telling you what a big mistake you’re making.

Your spouse is annoyed. The situation is awkward. And you're slowly running out of patience.

3) The Drunk Best Man

This one’s hard to ignore. You’ve watched him down drink after drink all night, wondering when it would catch up to him. And, surely, it does. He spends your big day flirting with your mother, eyeing girl after girl across the from, and talking about the "good ol’ days" when your husband was the perfect wingman and partner in crime.

It might be a challenge, but a smart bride keeps this guest away from the microphone during toast time.

4) The "Opportunist"

The Drunk Best Man’s easiest target… The Opportunist. We all know this one. Whether because of family pressure, snide remarks from distant relatives, or the fact that they're watch yet another one of their friends walk down the aisle before them.. there’s always that one person using your wedding to secure dates and a potential ring of his or her own. There’s not much you can do about this guest, unfortunately… except maybe keep them away from #3 on the list!

5) The Unruly Children

There’re always going to be children at a wedding. What there not always is are considerate parents there to keep an eye on them. Most children at weddings can make your heart melt just by looking at them in their adorable outfits. The Unruly ones, no matter how cute, do just the opposite.

These children can be seen poking their fingers in the wedding cake, running around, making an absurd amount of noise, and using your venue as their own personal playground. To be fair, kids will be kids and this one isn’t entirely on them.

6) The “Steal Your Thunder” Guest

The worst kind of guests are the ones who take your moment away from you. The brother-in-law who uses the opportunity to propose to his girlfriend, the cousin who announces she's moving half way across the world, the friend who decides your wedding is the best time to tell her boyfriend she's been cheating on him. These guests are either inconsiderate, or deliberately petty. Either way, they pretty much suck.

7) The Disapproving Parents

If they don’t approve of you by now, chances are that they’re not going to during the wedding either. This is not easily hidden, and the worst kind of disapproving parents make their objections known. Best thing to do? Ignore them for the night and plan on how you’re going to convince you’re husband to move 7,000 miles away once the reception is over.

8) The Drunk Uncle

We all have that one uncle we are hesitant to call, but are obliged to anyway. He can either end up being the life of the party…. or the end of it.

9) The Snob

No one can stand a snob, especially not on their wedding day. The Snob walks around with their head held high, complaining about EVERYTHING. From the bride’s dress, to the groom’s hair; the flavour of the cake, to the choice of venue. Nothing is off limits and they use every opportunity to reflect on how they could have– or already did– do it better.

10) The Wedding Crasher/ Uninvited guest

It takes a while to realize your significant other doesn’t have an Uncle Morry whose son studied in the South of France and has suddenly returned home in time to witness your magical moment. When you do realize the scheme– if at all– “Morry’s son” has already devoured three slices of cake, hit on nine girls, gotten six phone numbers, and stuffed some of those dynamite prawns in a napkin to go.

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