Did you know that social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined?
Or that 70% of marketers claim video produces more conversions than any other content? We do.
That's why our team ensures your brand receives nothing but the best and won't stop till you're satisfied.  From pre to post production, we've got you covered.
We film events of all kinds, from concerts to  private parties. Let's get started!

The Martians create original content produced by our skillful production team. Our films explore a wide array of genres and narrative techniques, usually focusing on diversity and shedding light on important social issues.
As film financers we also accept script submissions and film proposals. Need funding for your next project? Ready to pitch your film to us? What are you waiting for? 

Memories are made to last a lifetime. MarsMedia specializes in two types of wedding services: from shooting the actual ceremony, to creating a "Love Story" retracing the moments that led you down the aisle to be played on your big day.
Our team takes great care to ensure that each client's needs can be met with our special customized packages perfect for any couple. Get in touch to get a quote today!
MarsMedia understands that music is the soul of the universe. We work hard to understand your style and vision before bringing it to life on screen.



At MarsMedia Production the client will always be kept in the loop. You can choose to join us on the script-writing process with our screenwriters. After approval of the script and budget, the Martians will prepare a storyboard, hire actors, canvas sites and arrange for the necessary props.


Our highly-skilled production crew will work together to film the project. You can choose to accompany us and watch the process at any time during the shoot. Additionally, the producer will be made directly available to answer any questions or concerns.


Where the magic happens! The Martians will provide the client with a first-cut. Next, we will begin adding sound effects, title designs, color correction, dubbing, music composition, and captions (if needed). After tuning to perfection, the final cut will be made ready for exhibition. 

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